Solutions we provide
Ground-Mounted Power Station
Provides clean, renewable energy The power generated from solar is far more predictable than fossil fuel costs which fluctuate frequently. Long lasting service life Utility scale solar power system can stabilize electric prices for at least 25 years or more. Reduces carbon footprint Help the global Carbon dioxide (CO2) Emission Reduction on the environment with a JY solar solution.
Commercial & Industrial Rooftop
Increase your property value All sizes of industrial roof or commercial building can capitalize on the many benefits of adding JY Solar’s PV power system. Control future electricity bills Make long-term savings on electricity costs and generate clean electricity with a JY Solar solutions. Great return on investment JY Solar’s residential PV power generation system will not only satisfy the daily family electricity request , also consider as an investment tool that would continuously bring economic returns.
Off-Grid products
Off grid solar home system Independent PV power stations Easy to installation Batteries store electricity to back up Solar Pumping system Fully automatic operation, No need to supervise Strong versatility, meet the needs of different electricity Solar Lighting System Limitless energy Safety, DC voltage Environmentally friendly ,Low installation cost, convenient maintenance
Project case

Ground-Mounted Power Plant Project Type: Utility Scale Location: Germany Total Capacity: 20 MW Product: JY72P, 330W Power Generation: Max 80000 KWH/Day Carbon Emission: Reduce 56000 Ton Per Day

Commercial Solar Rooftop Project Type: Commercial Scale Location: Thailand Total Capacity: 255.36KW Product: JY60P, 280WPower Generation: Max 1270 KWH/Day Carbon Emission: Reduce 880 Ton Per Day

Residential Solar Rooftop Project Type: Residential Scale Location: Myanmar Total Capacity: 72.6KW Product: JY60M, 330W Power Generation: Max 360 KWH/Day Carbon Emission: Reduce 250 Ton Per Day

Floating Solar Farm
Project Type: Floating Solar Farm
Location: China
Product: JY60P, 290W
Total Capacity: 1.2MW
Carbon Emission: Reduce 3360 Ton Per Day
Power Generation: 4800 KWH Per Day

Lighten the pressure on the earth