Why JY Solar
Experienced R&D Team
JY Solar has a research and development team consisting of more than 200 R&D personnel,which account for 14% of the total number of employees,all strive to develop state-of-the-art solar product technologies and industry leading integrated energy solutions.
Continuous R&D Investment
With annual investment of over ten million yuan in research and development,JY Solar started fundamental and forward-looking research and development in innovation and application on PV modules, PV system solution as well as energy storage technology.
Stringent Quality
Assurance in Production to Ensure Consistency: 100 % electro luminescence test before and after lamination.
100% “zero” micro crack monitoring and optimal test before shipment. Daily test of grounding behavior. Daily welt leakage testing.
Comprehensive and Continuous Testing Guarantees Accuracy
4-fold thermal cycling test in acc. with IEC standard
we conduct at least 200 cycles.
4-fold damp heat test in acc. with IEC standard
we conduct at least 1,000 hours.
4-fold humidity freeze test in acc. with IEC standard
we conduct at least 10 hours.
6-fold UV exposure test in acc. with IEC standard
we conduct under 15 kWh.
10-fold PID free test in acc. with IEC standard
we pass 96 hrs@650C-85%RH.
Strictly Audited by Professional Third Parties
Through close cooperation with international authorities like TUV, Intertek, CNAS and SGS, JY Solar continuously polishes products with innovation and advanced manufacturing technology, improves the testing ability of PV industry chain and analyzing ability covering the entire life cycle of solar industry.
YOU CAN TRUST US. Offering the strongest WARRANTY and GUARANTEES, we believe in the solar products we sell and the work we perform. A JY solar PV Module is designed and installed to last for decades. For that reason, we are willing to stand behind our products for the long term, because we want you to be 100% satisfied, now and in the future. 25 Year Labor Guarantee 25 Year Power Production Guarantee 25 Year Panel Module Performance Guarantee